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Obsidian Blue by AlauraRoseyLaurbie Obsidian Blue :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 1 0
You left the open flame unattended.
Oh, what a foolish mistake.
What a stupid thing to do
When I'm here.
Don't you know about me?
Haven't you heard the rumors?
I won't tell you about which ones are true,
But I'll tell you one thing.
Yeah, I'll tell you one thing.
*I'm the reason that the world is burning.
I'm the flame-thrower.
I'm knock over candles for fun.
I use vicious words to hurt
Anyone who tries to cool me down.
I burn anyone who tries to put me out.
So watch out.*
I'm malicious,
So viscous
If you try to come my way.
I chew you up, spit you out, and burn you.
Or maybe I'll turn you
Into my own design.
Yeah, I'll teach you
Every single thing I know.
And you'll be mine.
I'll take you,
Twist you,
Pervert you,
Bake you.
And I'll hurt you along the way.
I'm not responsible for the damage.
(I just start the fires.)
But it's an added bonus
To see you crawling on your hands and knees.
And as you beg me to release you,
I just laugh and turn up the heat.
I'm a bad one.
Just horr
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
The Vagabond Chronicles- Chapter 1 (Trailblazers)
Seventeen-year-old Elle Glenwood brushed her shaggy, blonde bangs away from her eyes. Her hair was so blonde that it was nearly white.
Elle fought back the tears forming in her bright blue eyes. Staring in the store mirror, she couldn't even feel satisfied with her beauty. The guilt was eating away at her. She felt hurt, embarrassed, and disgusted with herself as she stared at the small wad of cash in her left hand. As happy as she was that she finally had money again, she was ashamed of where and how she received the money.
She didn't know exactly how much money she had total. A bit over three-hundred dollars? Something like that. But she knew the truth. She had gotten that money by exploiting herself and selling her body.
But the money could get her what she needed- food, water, normal clothes, and shelter for a few nights at a cheap motel. She could also purchase some makeup with the left over money.
She stood in the middle of a store in the mall that sold perfume, makeup, jewelry,
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
Wrong Way- Sublime by AlauraRoseyLaurbie
Mature content
Wrong Way- Sublime :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
Simon: The Beast by AlauraRoseyLaurbie
Mature content
Simon: The Beast :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 2 3
Lord of the Flies by AlauraRoseyLaurbie
Mature content
Lord of the Flies :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
Macrowaterlips by AlauraRoseyLaurbie Macrowaterlips :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 5 0 Barely Breathing by AlauraRoseyLaurbie Barely Breathing :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0 Looking for the answer inside of you by AlauraRoseyLaurbie Looking for the answer inside of you :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 1 0
Sincerely Sarah (entry 5)
Dear acquaintance,
It has been five minutes since I arrived home. I'm well aware of the fact that we've already conversed once today, but I figured you wouldn't mind.
In the end, the remainder of my money totaled down to sixty one dollars and twenty cents, which is a lot more than expected. It turns out there were some items on sale.
Also, in case you're wondering about my hair, I put dye in it as soon as I got home. I have to let it sit first before I can wash it. My parents reach home in two hours, which gives me plenty of time to do the whole thing prior to them getting here.
Anyhow, I suppose I should confess something to you. While I was shopping, I received a text from Jake. He asked me if we could hang out tomorrow. Of course, I replied with yes. My parents wouldn't mind. Nothing has been planned for the family to do. Well, nothing ever is, anyways.
I've already picked out my outfit for our plans. I'll be wearing a knee-length, black skirt with details of distress, a white corse
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
Sincerely Sarah (entry 4)
Dear whatever the heck I'm writing in,
Dear acquaintance,
Two days have passed since our most recent conversation. I figured that we couldn't spend every day together. That wouldn't be a great foundation in our friendship.
Remember when I mentioned school? I still have exactly fourteen days left of summer. Two measly weeks of nothing (hopefully Jake and I could hang out).
And I found out something pretty interesting. There are six options on where I can go to high school. Option one is a high school in the same district called Smithston High. It's basically the same as Youngblood except it's bigger, has more accelerated academics, and the drive is a little bit farther (Youngblood would be ten minutes away from my house; Smithston is fourteen and a half minutes away). My second option is a private school, that's also in the same district, called MacArthur Academy. The third thing on the list is a cyber school that I don't actually know the name of because all I see are
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 1 0
Mature content
F you :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 1
Don't Try Me
People don't know how it feels
To have the abnormality of being accused of
The amorality of committing the
Act of bestiality
All because I did a simple thing
And answered a simple question
Pertaining to my sexuality
I said that my interest in people
Were not limited to gender
But you see, what they did
Was took my words and bent them
I had been told to let it go
Eventually I felt relentless
Just pathetic and weak
I was defenseless
In these situations,
I never ever win.
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 3
Sincerely Sarah (entry 3)
Dear whatever the heck I'm writing in,
I called you "friend" last time, didn't I? I suppose we're friends now? Or perhaps that's too formal? Sorry, I don't mean to be clingy. It's just I haven't had a friend (besides Jake) since...well, the middle of 8th grade.
I think I should hold off on acknowledging you as a friend though. I get attached too quickly.
Anyways, maybe I should tell you why people don't like me. Friends open up to each other every once in awhile (or every entry).
Well, my friends became different. This wasn't an out-of-the-blue phase. My friends started to act strange in 6th grade. They became distant. My phone calls were rarely returned, my Facebook messages were ignored, my texts had silly replies like "lol omg cool story," and they just talked to me less. When I attended school dances, they ditched me (although if they stayed with me, I probably wouldn't have met Jake). This went on until the beginning of 7th grade. I thought that everything had adjusted back to nor
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 1 0
Never lasts forever.
I cannot find the strength to accept my fate.
My life will never be the life I dreamed of.
And everyone will leave me.
Keeping friends is such a complicated endeavor.
I will stay on the downlow,
Hoping no one will look at me.
Don't look at my eyes. They're not pretty.
Stop staring at me. I don't fit your standard of 'beautiful.'
My face is blank.
Indifference towards the world is easier than feeling something.
People like to say that I'm ungrateful.
That I'm selfish for not eating all of the food on my plate.
They tell me I'm an idiot for letting it go to waste.
It's not my fault.
If you knew my story, would you really judge me?
Would you judge me based on reflexes that weren't in my control?
My involuntary actions have nothing to do with me.
Dear everyone, stay away from me.
Leave me while you still can.
I'm just a virus that's spreading to those who get too close to me.
Like a stallion galloping in the rushing wind,
Just determined to destroy everything in his pa
:iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 0 0
Untitled Drawing by AlauraRoseyLaurbie Untitled Drawing :iconalauraroseylaurbie:AlauraRoseyLaurbie 1 0
This is my collection of beautiful crap.



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United States
fuck deviant art

(My pronouns are he or they and if you intentionally call me she, you're a piece of shit)
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This website has gone to shit and there are too many painful memories here.

Nobody ever appreciated my art anyways (except art thieves who stole it). And there was such a negative vibe here.

I've decided my life can't get any worse at this point. People still call me Alaura and she/her every fucking day. People still think they have a right to treat me like shit.



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